Monday, November 26, 2012

Suburbs of Our Discontent

Last night, after driving over twelve hours from Washington D.C. to Boston, I contemplated how I would teach Act I of Hamlet today. The problem was not finding material; if anything, I have enough to teach a year-long course on Hamlet without saying the same thing twice.

So I did what any other clear-thinking college professor would do: I turned on Lifetime to watch Liz and Dick. And there, presciently, was a dude playing Richard Burton doing his Hamlet thing on stage while Lindsay Lohan, super-glam in fur and red lipstick, gazed at him Liz-like.

I know this is Suburbs of Our Discontent, but I'm going to infuse a bit of Magic Shake-Ball into my post for today. My take-away from Liz and Dick was that I should go with the intersection of corrupted female sexuality and theatricality. Cheers, Lindsay.

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