Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Magic Shake-Ball

Three separate students from my gender theory course emailed me the link to this FoxNews Editorial yesterday by Susan Venker on how there's a war on men, and feminists have ruined marriage because no one wants to marry us now because women aren't women anymore. Oh, and also it's in men's DNA to want to protect and provide for their families, and women need to give themselves over to their true natures and let them do it.

Well thank God someone finally said it. Whew. Now I can quit my job, kick back, and practice my geisha moves. Sweet. Thanks, Susan Venker.

My question for the Shake-Ball is:  How can I become the kind of woman a man would want to marry after all these years of trying to be a man? Also, does this mean my husband isn't a man?


"Look for no less than death." (The Winter's Tale 3.2.91)


Well, given that this is Leontes accusing his wife of cuckolding him, it looks like I have in fact emasculated my husband and, were this 1611 and he were a king, I would be dead. Also, I think I'm going to have to shut myself in a room for 16 years before we can get back together in a more purified state. Well that blows.

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