Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ask the Experts

You Are One Big Jealous Wuss
by Lady Macbeth

I happened to read the SportsSunday section in this weekend's New York Times. I don't normally read that Commie publication, but I was drawn to the sickened rantings about LoLo Jones made by some man with the name Jere Longman. Or, as I now refer to him: Jere Shortman. 

Here is some of his crap: 

"Jones has received far greater publicity than any other American track and field athlete competing in the London Games. This was based not on achievement but on her exotic beauty and on a sad and cynical marketing campaign. Essentially, Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be — vixen, virgin, victim — to draw attention to herself and the many products she endorses."

Sounds like some serious sour grapes, Mr. Shortman. I wonder, do you have a six-pack? Do men and women have pictures of you on their castle walls? Some people are born to strive for greatness, Mr. Shortman, and to look fierce while doing so. Even if things don't work out exactly as planned. 

I think that you are one big jealous wuss. 

The views and opinions expressed here by Lady Macbeth do not necessarily express those of Everyday Shakespeare

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