Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shakespeare at Large

I had never watched professional women's beach volleyball before last week. By last night, when Misty and Kerri got their third gold medal, I was hooked on their story (if not necessarily the sport).

Oh my God, what woman watching that team does not want to be friends with these girls?? The way they were talking about each other in the post-victory interview—about how they were best friends, and were going to see each other even more now off the court, and how they support each other  as athletes, mothers, wives....I WANT TO GO TO VEGAS WITH THESE LADIES! I WANT TO EAT SUSHI AND GO TO THE MOVIES AND TALK CURRENT EVENTS WITH THEM!!

Watching them, for me, is a reminder of how rare it is to see models of healthy, supportive adult female friendship these days, and any days.  Hermia and Helena broke up when boys entered the picture; Rosalind dumped Celia as soon as she saw Orlando; and where was Lady Macbeth's girls' night out? I bet that a little venting to a girlfriend about her husband's lack of ambition could have staved off a whole pile of disaster. Rock on, Misty and Kerri!

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