Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

Yo, Adjuncts: It Could Be Worse!

It's always fun when allusions to professor life come up in unexpected places.

In this NYT Op-Ed, Professor (and former runway model) Ashley Mears argues that models, the labor force of the fashion world, suffer because of their freelance status. In doing so, she makes a brief analogy between Adjunct Professors and models in the workplace:

"The truth is, modeling epitomizes the kind of precarious job that, since the 1990s, has been spreading from the informal labor market into traditionally more secure workplaces, like the retail and service industries and my own occupational home, the university, where contracted adjunct instructors are replacing tenure-track professor lines."

So, those women like Christie Brinkley and Lauren Hutton, the rare models who could make a glamorous lifelong career of the job, are kinda like the Harold Blooms of the modeling world?

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