Monday, May 30, 2011

Suburbs of our Discontent

It was perfect that I saw the Actors' Shakespeare Project's fantastic Antony and Cleopatra last week, because this guy I met today reminded me so much of the Clown. That's the strange character who comes out at the end to give Cleopatra the asps she uses to kill herself. "I wish you all joy of the worm," he says. And then again, just as he's leaving "I wish you joy o'the worm." Is he aware of what's going on, that she's about to commit suicide, or is he just being really weird?

I must admit that I, too, was feeling a wee bit end-of-my-ropish this morning when I went to Star market at 9:50. People were coming over for brunch at 10, and we had no bagels. So I volunteered to get them, even though I was seriously half-asleep because we also had no coffee.

So as I'm buying the stuff, the check-out guy looks at me and asks, "Do you have a Star Market card?" I said yes. Then, with the same blank look, he goes "Do you have a subway pass?" I didn't answer, but he kept going. "How about a social security card?" "A Build-a-Bear Club membership?" He paused meaningfully. "Do you have a License to Kill?" Um, no, I said.

Wisdom? Insanity? A message from the Gods?

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