Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magic Shake-Ball

We just got back from a great weekend in NYC where we saw Ellis Island, went to the Central Park Zoo, and walked for miles.

Visits to the city always remind me, though, that I've raised a couple of softie Suburban kids who blanche at the idea of not driving everywhere. Plus, after a great chat with my high-school friend Linda who totally agrees with me, I've decided that we are raising a generation of over-hydrated children. Never once did my mother pull a drink out of her purse in all the years of walking and school pick-ups that we had together. You walked, you got thirsty, you maybe got a squirt of nasty fountain water in the park, and then you kept walking.

So my question, Shake-Ball, is.... should I write a book based on my theory —Over-Hydration Nation, maybe? Will this be the idea that makes me famous? (No offense, but a Shakespeare book ain't gonna get me on the Today show or into the NYTimes. Unless I was Stephen Greenblatt, which, last time I checked, I wasn't.)


She is alive; behold
Her eyelids, cases to those heavenly jewels
Which Pericles hath lost, begin to part
Their fringes of bright gold. The diamonds
Of a most praised water doth appear,
To make the world twice rich.

(Pericles 3.2.97-102)


Okay, well the only "praised water" here is Thaisa's tears, and she's being revived after being buried at sea, which is definitely a case of too much hydration. So I think you're telling me I'm on to something here. And that jewels and diamonds are in my "twice rich" future. Nice. Very nice.

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