Friday, April 29, 2011

Homebaked Shakespeare


If only Shakespeare were alive today! Can you imagine the sonnet sequence Will would write for Will? Well, we did.

From Will to Kate: A Sonnet

When I first saw you at that fashion show,
the one in college, you were so fierce.
Fierce like Tyra Banks would say. You should know,
that I knew that you knew my heart to pierce.

Brilliant! A commoner for me, Will.
Pretty, witty, ski-bunny, and housemate.
When Ramen noodles got me deathly ill,
You, my love, produced the kaopectate.

University was fun, wasn't it?
Beer-pong, disco-dancing, all new to me.
To not marry you would make me a git,
That's how my pen to poesy came to be.

I can't believe this day is really here!
Let's toast St. Andrews and pass out some beer.

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