Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

Shakespeare Adds "Bullying Prevention" To His Already Long List of Accomplishments

Many of you already know about this week's Facebook "reenactment" of Much Ado About Nothing, a role-playing extravaganza that's supposed to raise awareness about bullying. Have you heard about bullying? Just kidding.

The Much Ado Facebook thing is adorable, of course, but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that they chose this play. Why? Because there are others with juicier bits about bullying, especially of the girl-on-girl variety. When I blogged about bullying and Shakespeare on Open Salon a while back, I was stunned at how many people react to the word "bullying." That thing got over 5,000 reads!

Look, all I'm asking is this. Which scenario seems more familiar: 1) you are submissive and perfect, but your fiance calls you a slut anyway and then you feign your own death so that you can end up marrying the guilty jerk (Much Ado) 2) You and your best friend have a falling out related to body issues and boyfriends (Midsummer Night's Dream)?

Thought so.

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