Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

Am I dreaming? Delusional? Stoned?

No. I'm watching the Disney preview of Gnomeo and Juliet:

I don't know what to say. Part of me wants to take the screenplay adaptation of All's Well That Ends Well that Caroline and I wrote, tie it to a rock, and chuck it into David Furnish and Elton John's lavishly decorated living room. In addition to being a cute couple, they're the producers/music behind the film. Isn't it weird to think about them hanging out at their house and talking about their "gnome/Shakespeare" project???

If they can get Lady Gaga to sign on to our soundtrack, like they did with Gnomeo, we're totally in.


  1. So, they'll die at the end, right? If Romeo and Juliet can be a children's comedy, think of the literary territory this opens. King Lear as the warm family adventure of three feisty sisters and their search to find their beloved befuddled dad, lost on the moors. Or Hamlet, the comedic ghost story of a young prince trying to make his ghost Dad happy. The possibilities are endless.

  2. And next up: JULIUS CAESAR'S PALACE, the story of one man's struggle to maintain hold on his Vegas casino-hotel while others around him vie for leadership. TWO GUYS OF VERONA, A GAL, AND A PIZZA PLACE, the long-awaited film version of the hit tv series. THE TAMING OF THE SHOE: SEX & THE CITY III. Who's next?