Friday, January 21, 2011

Homebaked Shakespeare

Inspired by Gnomeo and Juliet, our brilliant and adorable reader Adam B. has homebaked some more winners:

Julius Caesar's Palace: the story of one man's struggle to maintain hold on his Vegas casino-hotel while others around him vie for leadership.

Two Guys of Verona, A Gal, and a Pizza Place: the long-awaited film version of the hit tv series.

The Taming of the Shoe: Sex and the City III

Needless to say, Adam really inspired me to come up with some of my own:

The Merchant of Tennis: Young Rebecca, a star tennis player, is not allowed to join the local WASP tennis club. What should she do?

The Comedy of Care Bears: A set of twins, Care Bears, find happiness and hugs despite some mistaken identities.

The Hemp-fest: An exiled King, stoned out of his mind, settles on a remote island and believes he can control everything. His slave (actually a figment of his imagination) does his bidding and everything becomes chaotic and strange.

All of this is in 3D, by the way.


  1. And don't forget Ham/Omlet -- the pomo story of a pig trying desperately to retain enough authority to run a diner, but surrounded by people who all just want to eat ham with their eggs.

  2. What does it say about me that all of mine are pornographic?
    King Leer
    The Temptest
    Ass, You Like It
    The Merchant of Venus
    And my personal favorite...Tightass Andronicus!

  3. Okay. Thank you, Desdemona, for breaking the ice, because:
    Love's Labours Lust
    A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream
    Marc Antony & J. Lopatra
    Winter's Tail (starring Jezebel Winter)
    The Taming of the Shrew
    And a slight, obvious, gratuitous re-write: The Merchant of Penis.

    Shakespeare is fun!