Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

(picture from the Lewiston Sun Journal).

Way up North, students at Maine's Lewiston High School just finished performing their version of "After Juliet," written by Scottish playwright Sharman MacDonald (how cool is that name?).

Full disclosure: I've never seen the play, but I really want to. Here's the plot summary from Wikipedia:

"The play centres around Rosaline, Juliet's cousin and Romeo's ex-flame. Tortured by the loss of her love, Rosaline has become a sullen, venomous woman. She actively seeks to be elected the 'Princess of Cats' and run the Capulet family.

Meanwhile, the Capulets and Montagues have obeyed Prince Escalus and called a truce. The treaty quickly descends into a farce as both sides continue to rage against each other. Amid the turmoil more doomed love springs- between Benvolio Montague and Rosaline. Benvolio is warned by Valentine (Mercutio's twin brother) to stay away from her if he knows what's right.

The climax of the play comes after Rosaline has succeeded Tybalt as the Princess of Cats and seeks to destroy her sworn enemies, the Montagues.

A 2009 youth, stage version of the show featured Valentine as the twin sister of Mercutio; this added an extra storyline where Valentine is in love with Benvolio and is jealous of Rosaline. Benvolio's final scene ends with Valentine running off stage after his rejection."


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