Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ask the Experts


No school today. No electricity either. It's 3:00, and I'm out of activities.

But I won't despair because I can always Ask the Experts. I emailed the Shakespeare parents and got these responses:

From King Lear: "Tell the kids to bundle up and hold a SnowMom Tribute contest in the back yard. Child who builds best SnowMom gets hot chocolate and dinner"

From Shylock: "Whatever you do, don't let them play with the loud kids next door who still have their [bleeping] Christmas tree up"

From Gertrude: "I really don't know. It's not my fault your kids are difficult. It's not your fault, either. Kids are just difficult, that's all. Maybe you and your husband should lock yourselves in the bedroom and ignore them."

From Polonius: "Whatever Gertrude suggests is a good idea. You could also read their diaries aloud to them."

From Hamlet Sr.: "Tell them to stop sitting around waiting for the t.v. to come back on. It's time to start a FIGHT!!!!"

Thanks, Experts! That's super helpful.

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