Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shakespeare at Large

Despite Kelly Ripa's moan-and-groan routine on Tuesday's Regis and Kelly about how many calories we consume on Thanksgiving, I ate excessively today and truly enjoyed myself. Why is it that studio audiences don't sneer loudly when a high-functioning anorexic is a food buzz kill?

The happier news today is that I managed to get the kids psyched about the pilgrims by reading them An A to Z Mystery: The Mayflower Teasure Hunt. And also by having them guess how long Shakespeare had been dead when the Mayflower left England (four years). Then we discussed what a bummer that was and, wow, wouldn't it have been cool if Shakespeare had been able to visit Massachusetts, where we live???? Consensus was that he definitely would have liked it.

And why spoil such fun speculation with the boring truth that Shakespeare wouldn't have been seen dead hanging with the pilgrims????

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