Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ask the Experts

Back by popular demand . . . it's Falstaff's Turkey Bread Bowl!

This year, we've shared Falstaff's Expert recipe with Errant Parent readers so that more people can experience the joy of this dish. Add Falstaff's Turkey Bread Bowl to your Thanksgiving meal, and let this special dish be a symbol of all that you are thankful for: family, friends, and the pursuit of world peace.*

[*DISCLAIMER: Everyday Shakespeare is not responsible for illness, death, or other conditions that may result from ingesting Falstaff's Turkey Bread Bowl. Please do not consume if you are not willing to assume the risk.]


If you were pioneering enough to dress your kids in our Shakespeare-inspired Halloween costumes, then you're ready to dive into Falstaff's Turkey Bread Bowl! Maybe you're looking to make a statement this Thanksgiving (like: "Yeah, okay, maybe I don't have time to make an organic sweet potato pie and handmade origami turkey centerpieces, but, damn, I know my Shakespeare!"); or maybe you just want to party like it's 1599. Either way, this sweet and savory recipe is a stress-free winner!

Falstaff's Turkey Bread Bowl

50 c. ale
Turkey (small pieces)
Halloween candy*
Loaf of Wonder Bread

1. Marinate turkey pieces and Halloween candy separately in 2 c. ale overnight. Liquid should be absorbed completely.

2. Butter each slice of Wonder Bread on both sides and reassemble into loaf shape.

3. Sit on loaf, making sure that the stack stays vertical. Apply pressure until loaf is reduced to approximately 3-inch thickness.

4. Using hand, scoop out hole in center of bread. You may discard removed bread or eat it.

5. Using hand again, carefully spread one layer of marinated turkey into the bottom of the "bowl," pressing down gently until you have a firm base. Add a layer of marinated candy. Repeat, alternately layers of turkey and candy until mixture peeks over the top of the bread.

6. Enjoy with a tankard of the remaining ale.

*Don't worry if you don't have any more Halloween candy (we never do!). If you ask around the neighborhood, the people who don't slam the door in your face will happily give you theirs.

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