Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ask the Experts

If I Could Only Get My Hands On . . .  Jennifer Lawrence!

by William Shakespeare

I love a complicated heroine. I love a woman with adorable imperfections. I  love a woman who can fall big-time and then get up again.

After Sunday night's Oscar ceremonies, I've been obsessed with casting J-Law in one of my plays. Is she Beatrice, the feisty singleton who (sigh) eventually falls in love? Or is she Lavinia, doomed to tragic circumstances but weirdly plucky in her own way? Here's another: Rosalind, tromping through the Forest of Arden, looking adorable in male clothing while being so unthreateningly female in her worship of Orlando?

For any of these characters, I insist that she must do some kind of an endearing pratfall on the stage! That will be like her thing.

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