Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magic Shake-Ball

Dear Magic Shake-Ball:

I have a friend who was wondering if she should Facebook "friend" the French boy who kissed her in a discotheque when she was 16. She isn't 100% positive it's him since he's 47 now. Plus, she may have been drinking a little bit too much when she saw his profile picture. Okay, and maybe also when she was 16.


Fie, fie, they are not to be named, my lord,
Not to be spoke of;
There is not chastity enough in language
Without offense to utter them. Thus, pretty lady,
I am sorry for thy much misgovernment.

(Much Ado About Nothing 4.1.95-99)


Look,   I  she didn't actually "friend" him, okay? She does have some boundaries. Sheesh. She'll appreciate the "pretty" compliment though.

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