Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ask the Experts

Top 10 Things to Take With You to Your Bunker on Friday When the World Ends
by Juliet Capulet

So I was insta-gramming with my BFF today, and she totally reminded me that the end of the world is coming, like, in two days. And I was, like, OMG, I am so not packed. And then she was, like, "Juliet, it's not like there's going to be anyone there since your dad owns the bunker and he hates, like, everyone pretty much," and then I was, like, "Yuh," so then I was, like, "Maybe I should still pack some things in case Paris or Romeo figure out a way to slip in under the sliding rock wall." But then I was, like, "Ew, no way, because they'd probably have, like, nuclear damage and be gross."

But anyway I was thinking about how I can't take too much stuff with me, so if I'm going to bring 10 things, they are:

1) Taylor Swift "Love Song" video
2) Mirror
3) The Nurse (because I am sooo not making my own bed just because it's the end of the world)
4) Lip gloss
5) Ex-lax
6) New Direction poster
7) Uggs
8) Skinnygirl Margarita mix
9) itouch 5 (in case Taylor dies and Harry Styles survives and he, like, needs to call me)
10) push-up bra

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