Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shakespeare at Large

Let me just start by pointing out that Michelle did yesterday's post. Not that there's anything to be ashamed of about having lice--I mean, it could happen to anyone (not that it's ever happened to me or my kids).

Anyway, today's Shakespeare at Large discovery is the wold premier (coming in March 2013) of Arthur Phillips' Tragedy of Arthur by William Shakespeare, developed and performed by the Guerilla Shakespeare Project in New York City. Read all about it (and donate to the production)!

"The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project is proud to announce the world premiere production of THE TRAGEDY OF ARTHUR BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, A PLAY BY ARTHUR PHILLIPS. Having always approached Shakespeare's texts as if they were new work, Guerrilla Shakespeare is ecstatic to hold the exclusive rights to the first "Shakespeare" premier in over 400 years."

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