Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magic Shake-Ball

My husband, who apparently was born in 1932, has just discovered the vortex of Facebook networking. He spent an hour last night locating friends from his elementary school, Christ the King, in Seattle. One of these "friends" happens to be Chris Cornell (aka Soundgarden frontman). He decided to write on his "Wall" and invite him to have drinks with him the next time he's in Boston.

So, Shake-Ball, how deluded is my husband?


"All yet seems well, and if it end so meet,
The bitter past, more welcome is the sweet."
(All's Well That Ends Well 5.3.333-334)


Yeah, I thought so. This is the clueless King at the end of All's Well not getting that nothing about this situation (a woman trapping her husband into staying with her by saying she's pregnant) is likely going to end well--no matter how great it seems.

 I guess I can't blame the guy for trying though.

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