Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ask the Experts

"American Idol" Re-Cap
by Juliet Capulet

Okay. So I just watched the "American Idol" Finale and I am sooooo excited that Phillip Phillips won!!! Well, I didn't really watch the whole two hours because I was mashing with my rich boyfriend Paris, but I totally saw the end part where they announced the winner and oh my God Phillip Phillips is soooo HOT! Me and my girlfriends texted like 800 votes for him before my father took my phone away because he is such a lame-ass. Whatever. I totally have another secret phone. RAFLMAO!

So when they announced Phillip Phillips won he sung his new song "Home," but then he started crying and couldn't sing, which made him even HOTTER!! And then a piece of paper confetti fell in his mouth and he had to pick it out and OMG I would DIE if I could be that piece of confetti!!

So the only problem with him is his name which is like, what is up with that? Were his parents too lazy to think of a first name? I mean, they do seem kinda poor and they talk weird, but maybe they should have thought like two seconds about his name.

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