Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ask the Experts

It's So Hard To Choose . . . . But I Did!

Wednesday night. The Republican Debate. Me, lounging thoughtfully, considering all these fascinating candidates, each of whom has the potential for straight-up aggression. Rick Santorum, did you say your special word was "courage"? Me too! O my goodness! That's my special word, too! I can't believe this synergy--it's crazy!! Speaking of which, I know I'm not crazy, and I can see that you're not either. Right?

I'll tell you what's crazy. Crazy is those other "special" words like "resolute" and "consistent" and "cheerful" selected by the other candidates. Those are really boring words. And so unmanly!

Rick, it's so good to be understood. I love you, man.

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