Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magic Shake-Ball

Dear Shake-Ball:

Michelle thinks that that Macbeth speech is about his regret for the crappy husband he's been. I think it's about how he doesn't give a damn about his wife and how it would have been a lot more convenient if she could have waited to kill herself until after he was done having his poker party or fighting his war or whatever.

Who's right?


"From off the gates of York fetch down the head,
Your father's head, which Clifford placed there;
In stead whereof let this supply the room:
Measure for measure must be answered."
(3 Henry VI 2.6.52-55)


Ooh, gruesome. The fact that you're taking me to the Wars of the Roses--the bloodiest example you ever gave us of how useless it is to play the tit for tat, eye for an eye game--tells me that Michelle and I should just agree to disagree.

Either that, or I'm right, and should go chop off her head to claim my victory.


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