Friday, January 13, 2012

Homebaked Shakespeare

The Discovery of Honey

"The Discovery of Honey by Bacchus" is the title of this, um, thought-provoking painting by Renaissance artist Piero di Cosimo. You can go visit it at The Worcester Art Museum or read about it here.

Obviously there's a lot to be said about this, much of it involving the female body. I thought of this painting while planning my Homebaked entry for today because I've just made my own Discovery about honey. Honey, a staple of Renaissance medical concoctions for wounds and general ailments, is also an excellent moisturizer in modern times. Someone told me about using raw honey as a face wash. This is what it looks like at Whole Foods:

So far, so good as a winter skin remedy. But full disclosure: I am a little concerned about attracting bugs in the summer.


  1. Continuing on a theme...

    We use raw honey for wounds and skin rashes, too. Yes, it gets sticky. But the healing action is incredible. Bountiful enzymes at work! Also, if you're getting sick with a cold or flu, take teaspoons of raw tupelo honey throughout the day, or, even better -- but nearly 3x the price! -- is Manuka honey from New Zealand. The stuff is medicine, and has been for eons.

    But don't get me started on coconut oil...

  2. Um. I think you're supposed to rinse it off after using it for a scrub. It's a soap, not a lotion, right?

    Then again, what do I know? I bought some expensive Clarins lotion that I can't actually get out of the bottle.