Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ask the Experts

Why I Won’t Go to Restaurants that are Degrading to Non-Westerners

By CLEOPATRA, Queen of Egypt

Normally I enjoy an evening out on the town, especially if it involves sumptuous food in a lively setting. I love a fragrant ambiance, loud conversations, and the sound of people running around like maniacs trying to please me. More water! More wine! More special salve for my chapped elbows!

However, I must make exception for a restaurant I tried last night. As an ethnically-identified woman, I was taken aback by the “performance” of the middle-aged Asian men who did the Hibachi routine at the Japanese steakhouse downtown. Does anyone else think it mortifying to make these men squirt sake into the mouths of silly co-eds laughing like hyenas around the table? Or to use a plastic boy “pee” toy to put out the fire on the hibachi? Whose idea is it for them to yell out “choppity chop chop!” and “I make fire!” repeatedly?

I’m very uncomfortable caring about the feelings of others, especially when their sole purpose is to attend to me. But as I said, I have to take exception here. Just this one time. I promise.

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  1. Are you kidding me?

    If the guys doing it aren;t offended you shouldn't be. Stop being so self-righteous.

    People aren't as think-skinned as you.

    We all need to toughen up.