Monday, November 28, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

Apparently the economy has gotten so bad that retailers from Amazon to Walgreens have decided to forget the 2009 recalls of this Chia Obama (for being maybe just a teeny weeny bit racist), and haul it back out for sale in time for Cyber Monday.

Now, to be fair, you can also buy a Bill Clinton cork screw and a George W. Bush toilet brush.

But this thing is being marketed on television like it's the most normal, patriotic gift you could get someone for the holidays.

While they're at it, why not make a Shylock piggy bank that bites off your hand when you try to open it and squeaks: "That's not kosher!"

Or a game called "Othello" with two-faced pieces: one black and one white. Oh, wait. They already did.

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