Friday, November 25, 2011

Homebaked Shakespeare

Seriously? You want me to Homebake something after all the hours I've spent slaving over the hot stove this week? Not unlike the lentil/turkey combination dinner I presented this evening, my Homebaked post has not gone exactly as planned.

I spent a lot of time watching TV as a kid, and one of my favorite shows was Fantasy Island. So this week, in thinking about family traditions and all, I remembered the episode where Shakespeare (played with nuance by Robert Reed, a.k.a Mr. Brady) gets teleported by Mr. Roarke to the island to help a B-movie star achieve her dream of becoming a serious actress ("Room and Bard," 1983). Could this have planted the seed of my fascination with Shakespeare? Perhaps.

In any case, I've spent some time today trying to find a clip of this episode. A piece of nostalgia from my childhood home to yours! But alas, the gods and goddesses of YouTube have not obliged my requests, and I am empty-handed. All I can do now is hope that one of our readers knows how to access this unheralded bit of Shakespearean pop culture. What a piece of work is Aaron Spelling!

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  1. You totally made this up, right? Otherwise, how could I have missed this?! And here I thought the Twilight Zone episode where a hack writer summons Shakespeare (via "black magic") to coauthor a cheezy TV pilot was as good as it got! (As a bonus, it featured Burt Reynolds as a poor man's Marlon Brando; keep an eye out during the next TZ marathon!)