Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ask the Experts

Like everyone else on the planet, Shakespeare's characters have pre-ordered the iPhone 4S. Are they excited? You betcha. We asked some of them to tell us about their fave new apps.

Feste: "For sure it's Songify, which turns everything you say into a song. I spent hours figuring out a beat for Hey, nonny, nonny! Now my job's gonna be a piece of cake."

King Lear: "I love the Daughter Task Tracker. Every time one of my kids does something for my benefit, I type it in and Task Tracker assigns a "LOVE DADDY" point value to it!"

Macbeth: "My wife bought me the Daily Spooky Fortune app before she left me. She said that now I could have fun with my weird shit all by myself and not get her involved."

Falstaff: "The Ale-Aware app helps me keep track of how many days a week I drink ale. OK, so I don't really need an app for that, but it's fun anyway."

Ophelia: "Definitely A Love Match: Compatibility Calculator. I totally want to see if this thing with Hamlet is gonna work out!"

Gertrude: "I'm embarassed to admit it, but Widow Laughs was highly recommended to me by a friend."

Hamlet: "If I do get the new iPhone (which I'm not actually sure if I'm going to do because I might want to sit around and just think about the consequences of getting it) then I'd probably do Virtual Girlfriend Lite. Because that's all I can handle right now."

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