Monday, September 26, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

"That's OK. Shakespeare professors are supposed to cry a lot."

--a parent from my kids' school who saw me weeping at Dolphin Tale

If the above is true, I'm clearly cut out for my profession. I mean, I cried during The Smurfs. But the troubled blue people were nothing compared to Winter, the troubled dolphin. Did you know that Winter, with her prosthetic tail and can-do spirit, became an inspirational figure for human paraplegics? Well, I didn't. So, when that lady drove up in the mini-van with her adorable daughter who wanted to see Winter SOOO badly . . .

Actually, I'll just stop there. Because maybe the other professors in my hallway don't share the sentiment that Shakespeare professors are supposed to cry a lot. Let's just say that the scene above, like many others in the movie, resulted in a very damp pair of 3-D glasses.

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