Monday, August 1, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

I could post today about the great "Streetcar Name Desire" production I saw on Friday, or the fabulous discussion we had in class today about Hermione's speech in The Winter's Tale, but I gotta talk about these crazy ladies on "Real Housewives of NYC" and this crazy Reunion episode I'm watching right now. It's all: "I say what I think" and "You're a hypocritical snob" and "You're smoking crack." My God. They make Hermia and Helena's cat fight look like a love fest. I make my living talking about brilliant, complex narratives. This is like watching an endless loop. Or staring directly at the sun. Or the Lost Ark.

That's it. I swear I'm going to kick this nasty habit before my eyeballs catch on fire.

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