Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Magic Shake-Ball

If you've been reading us for a while, you may recall that I spent a lot of righteous anger last year railing against my a-hole neighbor after her tree fell on my fence and then I had to pay to have it removed because that's the LAW (at least here in Assachusetts).

Well, guess who had another tree fall during Irene? And guess where it landed? On her own house? No. On another neighbor's. What gives?

Okay, Shake-Ball, is my neighbor a witch or something? How does she keep escaping her own crap trees? And can she be stopped?


Macduff: What's the disease he means?
Malcolm: 'Tis call'd the evil:
A most miraculous work in the good king,
Which often, since my here-remain in England,
I have seen him do. How he solicits heaven,
Himself best knows.

(Macbeth 4.3.145-150)


Now you're scaring me. So my bitchy neighbor is like scrofula (aka "the evil"), and now I have to find a miracle worker to purge her? Where? At the Natick Mall? I am so screwed.

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