Monday, July 11, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

Caroline and I are forever intertwined with All's Well That Ends Well, I think.

It's the topic of our screenplay (see above) and now, we're kind of doing a Helena-and-Diana switcheroo. No, not a bed trick with a jerky guy, but a more G-rated kind of swap.

Here I am in Castine, ME, where Caroline spent her childhood summers. I'm walking the same streets where little Caroline rode her bike, marched in the annual Fourth of July parade, acted in summer theater, and experienced countless Important Adolescent Moments.

Sweet and welcoming Bicks family members are everywhere, but not Caroline!

She's off teaching at Middlebury, so that means it's up to me to pretend to be Caroline, enjoying lovely Castine like a native. OK, it's a little Single White Female II: Castine, but no one's getting a spiked heel in their eyeball. Or a Docksider.

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