Friday, July 1, 2011

Homebaked Shakespeare

Yea, 'Tis Thy Dog's!

Sometimes we Homebake additions to Shakespearean plots. Sure, the plots are just fine the way they are, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved.

Shakespeare would have loved so many things about our modern world. For example, PooPrints, a product that identifies dog poop DNA. This is how it works: If you see some unscooped dog poop (and if dog owners in your neighborhood or building have agreed to use the PooPrints swab kit on their dogs), send a bit of the poop to the PooPrints Lab for identification. The PooPrints workers will do their thing, and--bam!--the dog and its owner will be seriously busted.

This is the kind of fool-proof evidence that would have been handy for Shakespeare in, say, Hamlet. ("Hark, see you that brown lump under King Hamlet's dead body? What man was out walking a dog this night?"). And maybe King Lear. ("No, no, no, no! Fool, what speaks you? 'Tis not Cordelia's dog's poop but the foul stamp of her sisters' hounds?"). Henry IV. ("Hal, 'tis thy friend, the fattened Falstaff, whose dog left us a vile flaming package. Rid thee of him and his beastly stinkings!").

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