Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ask the Experts

What I'm Reading This Week

by Lady Macbeth

Beloved Readers! I have recently read these articles. I expect you to do the same, of course. Before I lose my temper.

1) "Against Nature" by Jane Kramer (New Yorker)

Beautiful, rich, famous French feminist Elisabeth Badinter has written books that "[dismiss] the myth of maternal instinct as a sometime cultural construct."

2) "Wendi Deng Murdoch Refuses to Pull a Punch" by Graham Bowley (New York Times)

Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi takes no prisoners and has a mean left hook!

3) "Victoria and David Beckham Welcome Daughter Harper Seven" (People online)

"Victoria Beckham finally has a little girl to dress up." Ew.

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