Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

On Monday, The Shakespeare Society in NYC hosted "Sex in Shakespeare," featuring Harvard scholar Stephen Greenblatt.

From the website: "From Angelo's self-flagellating lust to Juliet's full-bodied desire, from the adolescent profanity of Mercutio to Pandarus's dirty jokes, the evening will examine a wide range of attitudes and experiences presented in Shakespeare's never less than fully human characters."

Sadly, I could not attend. So last night I Googled madly, hoping to find some juicy bits of audience response. Check out this cool write-up from blogger Josina Reaves at The Jot and Quill.

Then, a really awesome Google find: The Six Most WTF Moments From Shakespeare's Plays!!

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  1. Okay, at first I read this as "Sex with Stephen Greenblatt" (it's got to be the heat) and had the fleeting thought, "I guess some people really WILL do anything for money." I think I need something cold and caffeinated. Carry on!