Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Magic Shake-Ball

Since we're getting ready to pack up our house and leave it for 6 weeks, while I'm madly planning my courses that I'm teaching up in Vermont, we decided that NOW would be a great time to refinance our mortgage and up our life insurance policies.

Because, you know, neither of those things takes too long or requires too much paperwork and blood-drawing.

What can I say? We like to push ourselves to the limit with these things. It makes us feel young and reckless.

So, Shake-Ball, should we pay up and get million-dollar policies? Is that tempting Fate? And, if it is, which one of us is going to eat it in some random accident?


O, peace, Paulina!
Thou shouldst a husband take by my consent,
As I by thine a wife.
(Winter's Tale 5.3.135-137)


Okay. I can't believe you've done this to me, Shake-Ball. I have no choice now but to imagine my husband being mauled by a bear, since this is King Leontes telling Paulina that he's giving her a new husband since her old one got MAULED BY A BEAR.

That settles it. No camping trips for us. And we're definitely ponying up for a million-dollar policy for him.

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