Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

Okay, so maybe the Shake-Ball was off on this one. Or maybe I just wasn't in sync with what he was telling me on Tuesday. All I know is, Scotty won last night AND it looks like he got the girl. ("I love you, baby"--smooch. Yeah, I saw that, Scotty.)

Anyway, this shouldn't surprise me. It's all so Shakespearean what with the forgotten/sidelined mothers and the alpha fathers.

Why should the contestant who sang a moving tribute to her MOTHER get to win? Better to have the boy who sounds just like his father (Baby lock dem doors) take the prize.

As my six-year-old son says: "Boys rule, girls drool." Let's see if he changes his tune next time he wants some cinnamon toast with the crusts cut off.

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