Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magic Shake-Ball

Dear Magic Shake-Ball:

Will I get charged for my missed periodontist appointment today? I totally forgot.

Magic Shake-Ball's Response:

"O master! what a strange infection
Is fall'n into thy ear!"
--Cymbeline 3.2.4-5


OK, even though this is a metaphor, I'm going to take it literally. OMG! Do I have a strange infection in my ear that will now go undetected? Are periodontists even aware of what's going on in your ears? Maybe it's spread to my gums?

I think I'll take the figurative option. In that case, this is all about rumors and accusations. I'm sensing that there was some bad-mouthing of me this morning. I'm sensing that the answer to my question is "Hell, yeah!"

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