Monday, April 18, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

It's not just fate, it's . . .

Evidently it was McFate that my hotel room in Hanover this weekend was next to this room. It got me thinking that McFate could mean Macbeth's fate: his hunger for power made him totally miserable . . .and, eventually, dead. Or, alternatively, that McFate might be a general term for how the idea of "fate" is bogus. It's fake and bad for you, just like fast food. Macbeth's fate was a McFate in this way, too.

Here's a third meaning of McFate. McFate is when the fun forces of the universe (the equivalent of a Happy Meal) require that you spend a weekend in Hanover for work, and you end up having a great, relaxing time. Like spending the morning reading in bed and eating the complimentary chocolates for breakfast.

But then, alas, you must leave the world of McFate, drive back to Boston, and enter the regular McDrag of it all.

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  1. Of course this inevitably makes me think of the brilliant _Scotland PA_, Macbeth retold as a tale of stoners in rural 70s Pennsylvania. The protagonist (Mac) works at a burger joint called Duncan's can imagine the rest. Just in case any of your readers don't know this underappreciated classic!