Monday, April 4, 2011

Suburbs of our Discontent

Shakespeare: Your Ad Goes Here F. Murray Abraham did one hell of a Shylock this weekend at the Majestic Theater in Boston. The production, like many things, got me thinking about the connection between Shakespeare and profit. That's not just because Shylock's a moneylender. Or because we at Everyday Shakespeare seek opportunities to monetize Shakespeare. We do, of course, but that's not the point (see screenplay pitch tab above, please). No. The reason was that the theater set was made to look like an Apple store and everyone--even Shylock, even his buddy Tubal--are on iphones. Shylock on the iphone! Tubal and Shylock don't confer in a dark corner of the ghetto; they go right to the touch-screen. Ironically, I witnessed all of this in a theater with old-school sound system problems. Presumably, Shylock and Tubal could hear each other clear as a bell. Next up for me, product placements ideas for a production of Macbeth: I'm thinking Diet Pepsi (always in Lady M's hand) and red M&M's. Any producers out there? C'mon, I've saving up for a house in Nantucket!

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