Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic Shake-Ball

It's Tuesday night, which means it's Bethenny night. But I think this is my last one. I just watched her have a nervous breakdown because her husband threw her a 40th birthday party that probably cost more than I made last year and then made a speech about how much he loves her and then gave her some huge diamond earrings. Cry me a big fat river, Bethenny. A Big. Fat. River.

What do you think, Shake-Ball? Am I being unfair? Is is time to cut the cord on this one, or should I give her a break for having horrible parents who never showed her love? Be careful, Shake-Ball. This is serious. Hours of my life are up for grabs here.


"No hearing, no feeling, but my sir's song, and admiring the nothing of it. So that in this time of lethargy I pick'd and cut most of their festival purses." (Winter's Tale 4.4.612-615)


I know, I know. You are so right. There is nothing behind this trash. Plus it makes me so lethargic someone probably could come pick my purse if I had it with me on the couch, dangling from my popcorn encrusted hands. You paint a bleak picture, Shake-Ball. Thanks for keeping it real.

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