Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

This week's celebration of the 100th International Women's Day inspired a lot of action in the blogosphere, but I think my favorite post comes from the site Scentsations (or Cafleurebon). While I don't agree with the idea that Shakespeare was a sexist, I love that the site's editor has picked out a perfume to help Lady Macbeth cover up that nasty blood smell. Now that's progress.

" I chose Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s Dirty Rose as the scent of Lady Macbeth, a natural fragrance in keeping with scents worn during the 17th century. The fragrance was first marketed to men, until DSH and I spoke about broadening its reach. It’s bizarrely beautiful, uniting the regal and feminine notes of Egyptian Rose Geranium, Centifolia Rose Absolute, Gallica Rose Otto with Virginia Cedar, Leather and Tobacco Absolute. And the perfumes of Arabia? They are Myrrh, Frankincense and Oud… creating a bewitching scented "un- i- sex me" brew."

-Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

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