Friday, February 4, 2011

Homebaked Shakespeare

So it looks like snow-pocalypses are nothing new. This one in 1614 sounds like it was a real doozy (although it didn't stop them from having a merry old snowball fight--brr, don't get anything down those breeches, guys).

Last Groundhog's Day I wrote a sonnet to Punxutawney Phil for everdayshakespeare. This year, it was like he didn't exist. Seriously. Did you see any news pieces on him? Did he even make it to the "animal story" segment of your local news? No.

Phil the prognosticator got completely upstaged by the actual winter that everyone knows is sticking around for six more weeks.

It almost makes me feel sorry for the little rodent.

See you next year, Phil. If you can get out of your hole.

1 comment:

  1. I chanced to see it live on TV in the midst of the all-winter-storm-all-the-time coverage. He looked a little disgruntled at the drunk people shouting things at him. There was mention of a "tailgate atmosphere". Apparently, he crawled out of his hole and declared that the Steelers were going to the superbowl. And then said hey, shorter winter by the way guys.