Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ask The Experts

Juliet Capulet reviews the new iphone "Confession: A Roman Catholic App"

OMG I am sooooooo crushing on this new app!!! So basically you type in your confession and then it talks to you like a priest, except it's totally NOT a priest, and then it like totally erases your sins!!

Okay, so this is so awesome for a bunch of reasons. First off, I don't have to hang out with that creepy Friar Lawrence who is like always making me kneel so he can look down my dress.

Second, I am so getting to go to heaven without anyone being all in my face like, "No you can't, not unless you go confess your sins." And if Romeo gets this app then we can be 2gether 4ever !!!!

Best of all, though, there's a password so my mom can't come snooping around and telling me I'm a big whore when I'm just in love and what would she know anyway since she probably hasn't had sex since the Magna Carta Ball! LOL!!!

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