Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ask the Experts

Margaret of Anjou (the original "tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide") reviews Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

I don't know who does this woman's P.R., but I'd kill a dozen kids to get his number. Christ, this woman is everywhere. It took me years to get that kind of attention. And, believe me, I had to work for it. You think blood and mud come out of silk charmeuse? Well, think again.

Anyway, great book, although she totally stole her title from me.

Never settle for second best. Ever. What people just don't understand is that, yes, she pushed her kids, but she was doing it for their own good. You can beat her up all you want for having a foreign background (and, believe me, I've been there, sister), but that doesn't change the fact that her kids are in it to win it.

When my husband Henry pussied out and promised the throne to the Yorks instead of passing it on to our son, who do you think had to step in and kick some serious York ass? Moi. I would do anything to see my son succeed. It sounds like Chua's husband went to the same school of small balls as Henry did.

If it weren't for us tiger mothers, we'd all be taking the slow train to mediocre-ville.


note to readers: The views expressed by Margaret of Anjou do not necessarily reflect those of Everyday Shakespeare. Please embrace them at your own discretion.

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