Friday, December 3, 2010

(Un)Homebaked Shakespeare

"we are but shrubs, no cedars we
No big-boned men framed of the Cyclops' size"
--Titus Andronicus (4.3.45-6)

Consider this a shout-out to all you Mommies who think that buying one of those overpriced arts-and-crafts kits at Barnes and Noble's gets you out of doing any actual arts and crafts. It don't.

[NOTE: if you're one of those people who regularly shops at craftsy places like Joann's Fabrics, please stop reading now. Please. I beg you.]

I bought Pom Pom Pals to entertain the daughters of our dinner guests the other night:

The box strongly implied that it contained the raw materials of 14 Pals. In actuality, it contained some red yarn, three small pieces of felt, and two buttons. And a book of crafts that require additional material. The 14 Pals, it turns out, live not in the box but entirely in the realm of the imagination.

There's this guy, "Cyclops," inspired by Greek mythology:

Nothing to make Cyclops was in the box. So if you're interested in that, you've got to make a trip to Joann's or something. But damn, what a pay-off! As the author of Pom Pom Pals eloquently puts it, "Like the giant in the ancient Greek story, Cyclops only has one eye, but our pal makes up for it with two antennae with two lovely round green ends."

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