Monday, December 6, 2010

Suburbs of Our Discontent

My son turned six last week. Apparently this transported him through some kind of freak knowledge portal.

As I was driving him home from school today and was telling him that daddy was in Philadelphia on business, he announced that daddy was in Philadelphia visiting his girlfriend and that now he'll have two mommies.

Now, I'm fairly confident this is not the case (although kudos to my husband if he has that kind of energy). The point is: how does my son know about these kinds of things? A few months ago he was wondering how babies get out of their mommies hoo-hoos if they're wearing pants.

I felt like I was in one of those Shakespeare scenes where the little boy starts talking like a jaded adult: like when Lady Macduff is trying to tell little Macduff, Jr. how sad she is that his father has abandoned him, and then he starts chatting her up about how she can just go to town and buy herself a new husband.

Maybe Shakespeare understood the mind of the six-year-old boy better than I do.


  1. Okay, but... how DO babies get out of their mommies hoo-hoos if they're wearing pants?

  2. Well, if the baby's wearing pants: Very carefully. If the mommy is, then the answer is: Magic!