Friday, December 10, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

Fresh out of Shakespeare's Oven!

Right Now Our Internet is Not Working

In vain I try the computer to use
No network. What the [blank] is going on?
This is when, by it--[blank!]--I get abused.
The truth: 'tis no help till the weary dawn.

In the meantime, in dark night, thoughts will rage.
Neither ballpoint pen nor crisp paper suffice.
I want full service, electronic page;
No network connection still; I've tried twice.

This is maddening--slave to the machine.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: I miss you bad.
What about posting? I'm seventeen!
OK, I'm not. That was a lie. Very sad.

If you cared at all about my recent shit,
You would scream at this online counterfeit.

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