Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shakespeare at Large

It's true confession time, ya'll. That means admitting that I attended King Richard's Renaissance Faire this last weekend. And also that it's our third year in a row. And that admission alone costs almost $100 and this does not include the delicious Ye Olde fare at the food court such as the big oily Turkey leg ($7.50).

That's a lot of confessions. But I'm not done yet. If I'm to be completely honest, I must also admit that my children got long looks at women walking around with bills stuffed into their ample cleavage nooks. I'm not sure if these ladies were employed by King Richard, Inc. or whether they were freelancers. I guess the bigger issue (haha) is that I let them go on unstable-looking rides like the "Swan Swing":

Even though there were full disclosures:

I like to wear big dark glasses and a hat every time I go to the Faire, but maybe I'd call more attention to myself if one of my kids wore the Renaissance Princess Costume that I wrote about last week. It was very exciting when we sighted it in person:

After my son accidently stepped on his $6.00 sundae during the Jousting Event, I told the kids this might be our last year at the Faire.


  1. My kids love the local Renaissance Faire, which has a semi-permanent space in nicely wooded copse and actually gives the impression that one has traveled back in time. The semi-safe rides, the questionable and pricey food, all part of the experience. I do wish, however, that there were a way of telling those who were paid RenFest staff, and who have just dressed the part 'cause that's what they do. Especially the guys who walk around shirtless with pythons wrapped over their shoulders...

  2. I like your attitude. And I love the idea of some kind of "official" stamp on the most racey employees!