Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

One of our readers writes in . . .

Dear Magic Shake-Ball,

Yesterday, my wife and I went for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in LA and sat next to George Clooney. This is the second time we've had sushi next to George Clooney in the last year. I should say upfront: I love Clooney. Not so much as Batman, or in the Ocean's movies, but definitely in Up in the Air, Michael Clayton, Out of Sight, Syriana, O Brother. And for sure in Roseanne and Facts of Life (obviously).

My question is: is it possible to be gay for just one man? I know you, Shakespeare, dabbled in all things cross-dressing/transgender/bi-sexual . . . .Whaddya think?

Friend of Dr. Doug Ross

Magic Shake-Ball's Response:

"So, come, help: well struck! there was blow for blow."
--The Comedy of Errors (3.1.72)


Looks like you're in luck, Friend. This "interpretation" might be a little gratuitous, but I'll spell it out for you. The Magic Shake-Ball is saying that anything goes, at any time, with any one. As long as the performance is good.

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